Friday, January 20, 2012

"tak reti laa b.i laa cikgu"

they are not under my guidance, i just went there for class relief, an hour class of B.M... they are standard 4, d second class... 4 Bestari...

at first, i spoke bahasa with them, then i decided to use english (saje nak tgok level diorg)... 1 of them said "tak reti bi laa teacher"...

owh (-_-") i had to use both languages, bahasa and English... i gave the instructions in English, then i directly translated them to bahasa.... and here are the products, 'My favourite food' (only few pictures, mls upload byak2)

the funny thing was that, when i gave them an example, "I love to eat chicken rice", i think almost half of the class chose to make it as their favourite food (owh, kanak2~)


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