Sunday, March 18, 2012

it is the ugly truth about ur life, that so called the REALITY

i used to have friends (wait, what???)... i'm still their friends until now... friends that cause u to be some1 with low self esteem... not confident with urself... those who make u feel and label urself as the ugly one... well, i should not make this post, haha... (emo x bertempat)

but friends, seriously (if u know u r d one), plez laa... stop it... if u think it is so0o0ooo funny to make fun of me, then u just make me hate u to the fullest!!! seriously, should we call a person that make fun of us, especially our physical laa kn as FRIEND???

(-_-") i know, i'm not perfect... x cun cam ko... so0o0o0o skinny... x keperempuanan sgt cam ko... then??? i accept all d facts about me... so, why don't u just walk away, n leave me ALONE...???


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