Thursday, February 04, 2010 was just a dream

Just now, I woke up from my sleep.
(p/s: tlg laa jgn tdo ptg ye kwn2, xelok..)

I stared at my phone. For a moment, ‘my heart cried’.
A really deep cried.
"It was just a dream." sigh~


I dreamed of someone... a person that used to be someone special in my life...
but plez, don't get me wrong..
'bukan bf, bt someone special'
nway... ~
In that dream...
I saw myself sleeping ..
(it was like a double dream----dream in a dream) and all of sudden, my phone gave a tinkle.

‘1 new msg’ .

Then, I rd the text. It was from him...
I woke up, and quickly ‘hunt’ for my phone... dream or reality???
he texts me???

(xde new txt)

Aya... take it laa~ it was just a dream... (-_-)

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